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Cameroon is in Africa’s top five countries for biodiversity yet is facing a devastating decline in species due to habitat loss, poaching, and illegal wildlife trade (IWT). The consequences of this decline go beyond ecological concerns, as they also impact the country's economy, socio-cultural fabric, and wider conservation efforts.

The Wildlife Justice Commission is publishing a new report on the convergence of wildlife crime with other forms of organised crime: Convergence of wildlife crime with other forms of organised crime: A 2023 Review.

Order of the Calcutta High Court in the matter of Human & Environment Alliance Vs Debal Ray & Others dated 13/10/2023. The matter related to protection of wildlife against senseless killings.

The High Court, February 20, 2023 had constituted a committee which was given the name "Humane Committee" at the district level for five districts - Paschim Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia, Jhargram and Murshidabad.

Apart from poaching and habitat loss, climate change-induced droughts have been threatening the rhino population in Africa, pointed out a new report. On the other hand, climate disruptions in Asia can lead to the deaths of rhinos.

Gujarat which is home to the Asiatic lion, wild ass and other important species like blackbuck, great Indian bustard, greater and lesser flamingos, does not have a state-specific forest policy.

This guide is for governments, conservationist practitioners and insurers to design and introduce insurance schemes to reduce human-wildlife conflict (HWC) and promote human-wildlife coexistence. Certain species such as elephants are major causes of HWC across Africa and Asia.

The bench of Justice Satish Chander Sharma and Justice Sanjeev Narula of the Delhi High Court, September 1, 2023 directed Union of India to furnish the reasons as to why the drug ‘Nimesulide’ has not been banned, and deliberations undertaken in this regard.

A report on India’s bird population has painted a grim picture for many of the country’s species. The State of India’s Birds (SoIB) report showed worrisome declines, with 178 species of wild birds identified as needing immediate priority for conservation.

Order of the High Court of Uttarakhand in the matter of Anu Pant Vs State of Uttarakhand Through Principal Secretary Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate dated 17/08/2023.

Order of the Madras High Court regarding relocation of Thengumarahada village in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu.

The court said that the guidelines for preparation of the Tiger Conservation Plan itself mandates relocation of human settlements affecting the core area of tiger reserves. The Supreme Court in Ajay Dubey -Vs- National Tiger Conservation Authority (2012 13 SCC 782) has been passing orders mandating the implementation of the guidelines issued by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, said the order.