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The Ministry of Law and Justice on August 08, 2022, with the President’s assent passed the act for which India signed the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty on of January 14, 1998.

Several projects in coastal regulation zones were approved during the 2015-2020 period despite inadequacies in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) reports, according to this CAG report tabled in Parliament on 8th August, 2022.

Order of the High Court of Uttarakhand (Writ Petition (PIL) No. 93 of 2022) in the matter of Jitender Yadav Vs Union of India & Others.

The matter related to steps taken to clear the solid waste/ non-biodegradable plastic waste in Uttarakhand.

The High Court, July 7, 2022 had directed all the district magistrates in the state to submit status reports on the matter. The court noted that not even one status report has been filed by any of the district magistrates.

Status report filed by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden, Chennai in the matter of M. Yuvadeeban Vs Department of Fisheries, Tamil Nadu & Others.

The NGT, vide order, March 4, 2022 had directed a joint committee to find out whether the proposed fishing jetty site at Alagankuppam village, Marakanam taluk of Villupuram district has any impact on the Olive Ridley turtle nesting and Kaluveli bird sanctuary.

This paper analyses environmental regulation under corruption and explores the possibility to attain the first best – ‘no corruption and no pollution’, with a special focus on implications of non-monetary incentives for firms to adapt green technology.

Quarterly progress report (April - June 2022) by the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Punjab in OA No 606 of 2018.

The NGT vide its various orders in the matter of OA No. 606/2018 had directed states to submit information on solid waste rules; bio-medical waste rules; construction and demolition waste; hazardous waste rules; e-waste rules; status of STPs and re-use of treated water; status of CETPs/ETPs including performance; illegal sand mining; rejuvenation of water bodies among others.

Report filed by the Department of Fisheries, Fishing Harbour Project Division, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. The matter related to construction of wharves in Kaliveli backwater. "Due to the construction of fishing wharf in Kaluveli backwaters, all the boats from potential Olive Ridley nesting sites would be shifted to the wharf for berthing. Thus, 1.48 km coastal length and 17164 sq m area on the seashore in potential nesting sites is made available for the free movement of Olive Ridley turtles for their nesting.

Globally, indigenous peoples and local community organisations are receiving less than one percent of all climate funding, while African community conservation organisations are receiving approximately only five to ten percent of private philanthropic funding invested in Africa.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on coastal vulnerability index, 20/07/2022.

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