Khartoum- Minister of Environment in Khartoum State Maj. Gen. Omer Nimir has said the Green Belt Project in Khartoum State will contribute to reduction of temperature of

Illegal miners cut down trees before gouging into the earth in search of gold, and for them, the impact on the environment is none of their business

यदि ऐसे प्रयास किए गए तो बच सकते हैं उत्तराखंड के जंगलयदि ऐसे प्रयास किए गए तो बच सकते हैं उत्तराखंड के जंगल

Kenya Forestry Service director Emilio Mugo has dismissed claims of illegal logging of indigenous trees in Kakamega Forest.

The first ever global database of trees on Wednesday revealed that 9,600 tree species are threatened with extinction and identified a total of 60,065 in existence.

President Edgar Lungu has expressed disappointment at the extent to which the illegal mukula tree trade has increased.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Poonam Gehlot Vs. State of Himachal Pradesh & Ors. dated 28/03/2017 regarding cutting of trees which are endangering the life of inhabitants, Himachal Pradesh. The state government has stated that 40 trees require immediate cutting to prevent loss of life.

NGT appoints a Local Commissioner who will visit the place and examine condition of the trees in question and submit a report with photographs before the Tribunal.

Indore: With the concern of common people to save forests and trees increasing day by day, the green cover in the forest area in Indore and nearby districts have gone up.

विदेशी पौधे बिगाड़ रहे है पर्यावरण और सेहतविदेशी पौधे बिगाड़ रहे है पर्यावरण और सेहत

Judgement of the National Green Tribunal (Western Zone Bench, Pune) in the matter of Pradeep Indulkar Vs Municipal Corporation for the City of Thane dated 16/03/2017 regarding tree cutting in the city of Thane under the garb of trimming and pruning the trees in contravention of provisions of the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975.

NGT directs Thane Municipal Corporation to evolve the procedure for dealing with the proposals of tree felling, including trimming/pruning of trees and maintaining its record keeping within two months.