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The Tamirabarani river is a part of the ecological and cultural landscape, and traditions of the people of Tamil Nadu. Unfortunately, public resources like the river water are sold at throwaway prices to corporations, who in turn resell the water either in the form of packaged drinking water or as aerated beverages. The political economy of the river and the state’s industrial plans, require radical rethinking.

Pollution and a decreasing amount of forest have damaged Bogor's environment and severely degraded the city’s groundwater, which is now in a critical state, an official said on Monday.

जागरण संवाददाता, रुड़की: केल्हणनपुर गांव में तालाब पर अतिक्रमण के मामले में प्रशासनिक टीम के बैरंग लौटने से ग्रामीणों में रोष है। सोमवार को ग्रामीणों ने एसडीएम दफ्तर पर प्रदर्शन करने का ऐलान किया है

The East African Community partner states have agreed to renew the war on water hyacinth.

In experiments designed to simulate moderate future warming, scientists in Britain found that such ponds -- a metre (three feet) across -- gradually lose the capacity to soak up one kind of greenho

The countries, under the auspices of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and with support from other partners from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria,

Construction of the biggest dam in Kenya is set to kick off at Kibuka falls on River Tana.

दो माह में दो बार सामान्य से नीचे गिरा नैनी झील का जलस्तरदो माह में दो बार सामान्य से नीचे गिरा नैनी झील का जलस्तर

The National Green Tribunal has imposed an environment compensation of Rs 10 lakhs on a Noida- based water bottling unit for extracting groundwater without requisite permission since 2009.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape government is exploring different options to pump up water supplies.

Dam levels in the province are at their lowest in three decades.