Nitrogen deposition caused by human activities can lead to an increased phytoplankton production in boreal lakes.

The Tripura High Court on Tuesday asked the state government to demolish at least two sides of cemented embankment of Kalyansagar, holy lake of Tripureswari temple, in Udaipur of South Tripura with

According to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, changes in the climate over the last 30 years have already reduced global agricultural production by 1 – 5 % per decade relative to a baseline without climate change.

A variety of hydrokinetic turbines are currently under development for power generation in rivers, tidal straits and ocean currents. Because some of these turbines are large, with rapidly moving rotor blades, the risk of collision with aquatic animals has been brought to attention. The behavior and fate of animals that approach such large hydrokinetic turbines have not yet been monitored at any detail. In this paper, we conduct a synthesis of the current knowledge and understanding of hydrokinetic turbine collision risks.

The people of Ikara Community in Ikpoba Oka Local Government Area of Edo State have sent a Save Our Soul (SOS) message to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, following an oil spillage in the communi

A new study has revealed that the most common soaps, shampoos and detergents do not harm the environment.


A team of Save the Environment Movement officials inspects a spot at Shyampur in Dhaka on Tuesday to measure the extent of pollution in the water as chemical effluent falls into the River Buriganga

Small hydro power projects which is considered as an alternative to medium and large power projects built alongside big dam in Uttarakhand and elsewhere in the country are not environment friendly,

LUCKNOW: The court rulings and initiative from the revenue department may not be enough to save the old Kathauta jheel in the city from land sharks which are ready to raise a residential building o