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Christine Ndigwa, who has been growing maize for 20 years, shows how fall armyworms have attacked her crop.

The Fall Armyworm (FAW) detected in the country last year has so far infected a total of 18,000 hectares (ha) of farmlands, causing the country loses to the tune of $64 million.

A section of farmers in Nakuru have resorted to traditional methods of dealing with army worms, a deadly pest that has invaded large swathes of land, causing devastation to farmers.

Farmers in Marakwet are in panic after the Fall armyworm invaded at least 200 acres in Kerio Valley.

Army worms have destroyed about 1,380 hectares of maize farms in the Sunyani Municipality

Army worms have destroyed about 1,380 hectares of maize farms in the Sunyani Municipality.

Maize farmers in Nandi and Uasin Gishu counties are frustrated as the fall armyworms continue to ravage their crops, raising fears of a poor harvest at the end of the season.

More than 200,000 acres of farmland in Kenya's grain basket of the North Rift has been affected by the fall armyworm invasion, threatening food security.

The Deputy Minister said what the government is doing now is to assess the damage caused

Gombe — The tomato pest, Tuta Absoluta, which has been ravaging tomato farms in many states since last year has resurfaced in Gombe State, resulting in huge losses to the farmers.