Victim may have contracted virus during Bihar visit

Thousands of fishes were found dead in Rewalsar Lake on Tuesday night, raising serious concern among the inhabitants living in the area.

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has directed all district hospitals to set up machines to conduct dengue test and blood component separators by May 31, so as to provide right treatment to patients

“Nine-year-old sues Indian government on climate change” — the headline was a head-turner. So should be the cause, implores Ridhima Pandey.

Society of Pollution and Environmental Conservation Scientists (SPECS) yesterday announced that the waters of the Suswa river in Dehradun were highly toxic and harmful for both human use and wildli

With the Lok Sabha according its nod, Parliament today passed a crucial Bill ensuring equal rights to people affected by HIV and AIDS in getting treatment, admissions in educational institutions an

To celebrate World Health Day, BCM School organised various activities on Friday, which highlighted the need and importance of good health and exhorted them to shoulder the responsibility to create

The Rs 69-crore Giri water scheme has come under a scanner after a Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) team yesterday found many “missing links” in the quality and specifications of water pipes used

What should set the alarm bells ringing for the state government is the increasing presence of uranium in the sub-soil water used for drinking and irrigation.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC’s) initiative to install rooftop solar power plants at its premises has become the first ever Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project to be registered wit