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Noida: Residents and parents’ groups have objected to the setting up of waste composting stations in residential sectors and around schools in the city, saying that the machines would release toxic

Despite the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order banning the burning of garbage, heaps of garbage is being burned along the Binwa river on the outskirts of Baijnath town daily.

The local municipal committee (MC) is yet to set up a solid waste management plant despite strict directions from the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to ensure compliance of the Municipal Solid Waste

In Valenzuela City, residents blame recycling plants for pungent smells and respiratory illnesses

Liu Xiao spends her weeks visiting sludge and organic waste treatment plants across China.

It was raining heavily in Shanghai on the morning of July 1.

Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad announced on Sunday that the ministry has begun work on phasing out plastic bags due to the environmental danger they pose, adding that hypermarkets hav

100% safe disposal of waste targeted.

Kalamassery municipality asked to ensure scientific treatment of refuse