Question raised in Lok Sabha on Carbon emission from aviation sector, 16/03/2017.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Carbon Footprint of Airlines, 14/03/2017. Emissions from international civil aviation are addressed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Kyoto Protocol.

Following the 2016 entry into force of the Paris Agreement, governments are now expected to turn their greenhouse gas emissions pledges into concrete climate policies.

About two-thirds of the national pledges made under the Paris Agreement refer to carbon pricing as one of the measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Carbon pricing internalises the costs of climate change, making it part of the economic decision-making process.

The United Nations emitted 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent in 2015, according to the organization's annual report of its greenhouse gas emissions. The latest edition of the Greening the Blue report, details the emissions from 66 United Nations entities, covering over 284,482 personnel around the world.

Governments and companies around the world committed a record US$888 million (M) in new funding last year to bolster the planet’s first line of defense against climate change – forests and other carbon-absorbing landscapes – according to a new report from Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace, View from the Understory: State of Forest Carbon Fina

New analysis from the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies finds that current plans to build new, and retrofit old, fossil fuel power plants in Japan would exceed CO2 emission estimates, derailing efforts to meet the country’s climate targets unless they operate at a lower capacity.

Storing carbon in land is no substitute for reducing fossil fuel emissions. The report finds that while increasing carbon in land systems is important, Australia is muddying the waters by combining land carbon and fossil fuel reduction policies – which is giving an inaccurate picture of Australia’s progress in tackling climate change.

Monsanto Co. said Friday it will invest $1.6 million to help farmers quantify greenhouse gas reductions from farming practices intended to cut or offset carbon emissions.

According to a new report by the NGO Forest Trends, 314 companies — nearly 20 percent of the 1,896 companies that publicly disclosed their 2014 emissions data to CDP (formerly known as the Carbon D