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Governments must stop exporting so much plastic waste to countries such as China and keep more in-country to be recycled into bottles to tackle the waste crisis, industry insiders say.

Underscoring the importance of public participation and creating awareness in the face of “little being done by the corporations,” the bench said a nodal agency is required to solve the issue.

Humans are prone to waste- we create, after all. Yet we create in excess amount and often things that we don’t need, leading to a growth in discharge of that excess. On this note, Biomedical waste management in India is receiving greater attention, owing to stringent regulations made by the Ministry of health.

Improving solid waste management is crucial for countering public health impacts of uncollected waste and environmental impacts of open dumping and burning.

Ten get Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 Award

The National Green Tribunal has directed the state to formulate an action plan with regard to the entire state for collection and disposal of municipal solid waste.

PANJIM: To protect people living in areas around landfill sites from health hazards, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has directed the State Urban Development Department to notify buffer

Moi University has won the Enactus Kenya national entrepreneurship and innovation competition for the second year running.

Garbage in Nyeri have not been collected for the last two weeks as workers are on strike delay in of their salaries

Ahmedabad: With election to come this year, even the dustbins have taken a saffron hue even though municipal solid waste management rules advocate the use for blue and green colours for dustbins to