Something needs to be done to check it: expert

VIJAYAWADA: Those who are accustomed to using polythene bags and disposing wastes directly into the water bodies may soon face the music from Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) as the civic bod

‘We Are Challenging The Govt Action By Filing A Public Interest Litigation In High Court’

While a ban on plastic bags has been in effect across the state since February 24, 2015, lack of proper implementation has kept the bags in rampant use even now.

More than 20,000 kilograms of plastic carry bags (less than 50 microns) have been seized by various agencies across Delhi as a part of the ongoing operations to effectively implement the plastic ba

NAVI MUMBAI: The PCMC general body meeting scheduled next week will discuss a complete ban on use of plastic bags.

Aiming to make Assam the cleanest State in the country, the government has decided to create an exclusive department as well as set up an educational institute to devise effective scientific means

The plastic waste generated through increased tourism activities in the high altitude meadows here is posing threat to environment, experts here said.

The National Green Tribunal, on August 10 reinforced a previous ban on plastic in Delhi. Here's a look at what happened in different states in India.

The drop-off points for plastic bags are largely empty, a week after the government banned plastic shopping bags and directed Kenyans to discard the remaining ones at designated centres.