The Government has rejected calls, made by the Environmental Audit Committee, to require new products to be recyclable and to ban food waste going to landfill to help stimulate the circular economy

AkzoNobel announced today (August 7) that it has created the world's first fully compostable and recyclable paper cup for cold drinks.

Goonj, a voluntary organisation working with poor communities and helping preserve the environment by recycling cloth and other waste material was given the ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year India 2

Subash Menon’s Kivar Environ bets big on municipal solid waste management and city sanitation

We Indians have got so used to seeing garbage spilling over from municipal dustbins at street corners and often even strewn around in open public spaces, that we accept this phenomenon as inevitabl

Corporates and citizens come together to segregate and recycle waste

Dell has launched its free consumer laptop battery recycling programme for its consumers across all major metros and tier 1 cities in India.

From now on, think twice before throwing away your juice pack. If you recycle it instead, it could help in a child’s education.

Some entrepreneurs across the country are building businesses based on the belief that garbage -- once destined to rot in a landfill -- can be repurposed into profitable products.

New bottles from cola cos to be 30% biomass-based. The next time you take a swig from a Coca-Cola bottle, it may well be ‘green’ — not in colour or content, but in composition.