London: A team of Dutch researchers are planning to make an island the size of Hawaii entirely from 44 million kilogram of plastic waste.

Bangalore: How many plastic bottles will Ronaldo or Robinho wear during the World Cup football? This is no yarn. Soccer

ITANAGAR, May 30: Environ conducted a day long workshop with waste pickers in a dump house near General Hospital here and demonstrated different uses of non-biodegradable and recyclable solid waste to mobilize their day to day activity in more efficient manner to keep clean the city.

The Compost Will Be Used For Gardening
Sharad Vyas | TNN

The State government will soon start the process of setting up trade zones to conduct the business of buying, selling and processing of recyclable waste including scrap.

Keya Sarkar / New Delhi May 1, 2010, 0:24 IST

LUCKNOW: The rampant use of plastic, especially the banned ones, in the form of carry bags, has once again waken up the department of urban development to sit up and take notice.

Solid waste management is a problem related to common man. Solid waste is that substance which we throw away considering it useless. By selecting this waste and recycling it and by its management we can participate in stopping climatic change. This was stated by Abhilasha Dubey in the seminar organised under national environment awareness campaign.

New Delhi: Talkatora Stadium complex will be an environmentalist

Thyagraj Stadium, one of the most important competition venues of Commonwealth Games 2010, is ready for the inauguration next month, with the latest technologies and features used for the first time in India, particularly sports stadium.