Now on, you don't have to worry about the garbage at your doorstep. The Delhi Government will collect it and recycle it for laying out roads in the Capital. For the first time, the Delhi Government has decided to use a recycling technology that would enable the carpeted road to take the traffic load within a few hours of the completion of the work.

The Delhi government is finally beginning road resurfacing in the Capital. For the first time, the PWD will be using new techniques it had been experimenting with in the past.

The re-carpeting process started on Tuesday on Ring Road, close to Hyatt Regency in South Delhi. The 293 lane-km of road will be surfaced using hot in-situ recycling.

Delhi schools have hit upon a novel solution to tackle the vast amount of waste generated during the Commonwealth Games next year.

Plans are afloat to collect and recycle paper waste and plastic bottles during the Commonwealth Games. Schools that have paper recycling units in their campuses will be entrusted with the responsibility of recycling paper.

You may soon be able to know the age of glass bottles placed on your kitchen shelf. The All India Glass Manufacturers

Shimla: The government is likely to go slow on the proposed ban on plastics in view of the issues raised by various sections of the people who will be affected by the decision.

KOCHI: Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) and

A raw material faster to source.
Eco issue
Owing to environmental concerns, large paper manufacturers are bound to look at waste paper as a supplement, say industry sources

R. Balaji

Chennai, July 17 Large paper mills that have depended on virgin raw material will increasingly look at recycling paper to increase raw material availability, say industry experts.

Pushing Paper Bags Will Only Lead To More Cutting Of Trees, Says Minister

New Delhi: The government made it clear that it is not in favour of a blanket ban on using plastic bags while it is working on use of biodegradable plastic as colouring elements like dyes are a health hazard and thin bags and material can severely jam up sewage systems.

Mumbai: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) will soon be relieved of the ever growing problem of e-waste. The state government will start the first of its kind plant for scientific recycling of e-waste generated in the region.

Mumbai: The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has chosen Attero Recycling, an e-waste recycling company, as a first recycler to be given registration by the ministry of environment and forests.

Nitin Gupta, CEO of the Attero Recycling, said, "The registration by the CPCB is in recognition of our commitment to the cause of the environment."