A report published on Monday by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) said power plants to be added after 2023-24 could be completely renewable energy-based.

Trash TERI study that global warming to reduce fruit production

While the threat of climate change aggravates risks to the already under-pressure water resources, this also provides an excellent opportunity to improve the mechanisms of resource management strat

Panaji: Goa could become the first state to have a State Urban Climate Resilience Policy.

TERI releases Environmental Survey 2015

For a long time, climate action has been associated with cutting Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

NEW DELHI: 2014 saw India playing a crucial role in protecting the interests of developing nations at the UN climate talks in Lima where negotiators prepared a way for a new ambitious and binding d

A study by The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri) has found that Yamuna needs approximately 3.46 billion litres per day (BLD) of fresh flow of water to be able to sustain aquatic life and suppor

PANAJI: Climate proofing for existing structures in the city, flatproofing of heritage structures, regulations to protect groundwater sources and emergency infrastructure to cope with flooding were

According to the climate change experts, it is only a matter of time.