In a new set of instructions for private diagnostic labs and hospitals, the Health Department has asked them to inform its officials about the arrival of any new dengue and malaria patient at their

Providing African pupils with antimalarial drugs, insecticide-treated bed nets and education about preventing the mosquito-borne disease may also protect them against anaemia and boost their perfor

NEW DELHI: With monsoon approaching, people in the city have another health worry — malaria.

Ahmedabad: With the monsoon setting in, Amdavadis have another health worry - malaria.

Ethiopia’s highlands traditionally have a built-in protection for the people who live there.

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is planning to release Gambusia fishes into water bodies to control vector borne diseases this monsoon.

Earlier, the court had directed the NVBDCP to “make a comprehensive action plan from every angle, which the municipal and civic authorities must implement, so that the problem of vector-borne disea

Four cases of dengue and one case each of chikungunya and falciparum malaria have been reported in the same period.

Delhi has so far reported 50 cases of dengue and 105 cases of chikungunya, a report prepared by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) stated on Monday.

The vector-borne disease like dengue, Japanese Encephalitis and malaria have broken out in various places of Golaghat district.