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Typical agriculture sectors like animal production and processing, aquaculture and its processing, and fruit and vegetable processing, can be water-intensive and generate complex and sometimes severe pollution.

In a bid to ensure the orderly and sustainable development of aquaculture along India’s coastlines, the Coastal Aquaculture Authority has introduced comprehensive guidelines.

The potential of African inland fisheries is largely underestimated. However, fully harnessing its potential is essential to meet the continent’s growing demand for food of high nutritional value.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is now recognized as a major global public health problem which has been aggravated by the irrational use of antimicrobial agents in human and animal health as well as the presence of these agents in the environment.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Maa Durga Primary Fisherman Co. Operative Society Ltd. Vs Ministry of Fisheries Animal Husbandary and Dairying dated 06/02/2024.

The Central Government has announced the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Rules, 2024. These rules have replaced the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Rules, 2005. They introduce comprehensive guidelines and procedures for the regulation of coastal aquaculture units and activities.

The FAO Yearbook of Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics, prepared by the Statistics Team of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, offers a synthesis of the major trends in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

The Coastal Aquaculture Authority (Amendment) Act, 2023, is a landmark legislative step that affects millions of aquaculture farmers and stakeholders in India. Enacted on August 14, 2023, the amendment brings sweeping changes to the existing Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act of 2005.

The Coastal Aquaculture Authority (Amendment ) Bill, 2023 passed by the both Houses of the Parliament of India. The Government intends to reiterate that the coastal aquaculture and activities connected therewith are permitted activities within the CRZ under the CRZ notifications.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector in the world and now accounts for more than half of the fish consumed globally. However, the sector in Africa remains in its infancy, with the notable exception of Egypt, one of the world’s largest producers.