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Small, fast growing wild fish could be crucial allies in the race to end hunger in some of the world's most chronically poor and underfed regions, according to a new FAO report on fisheries in the drylands of sub-Saharan Africa.

A new report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Interpol has highlighted the sophistication and growth of environmental crimes across the world.

Climate change in Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) is projected to have significant impacts, including rising sea-levels, more violent tropical cyclones and droughts. Fish stocks in the tropical regions of the Pacific are expected to be directly affected by any changes that may occur in the ocean’s ecosystem.

Plans for the world’s biggest offshore wind farm have been thrown into doubt over fears the noise of building it will disturb porpoises.

As much as 86 tonnes of tiny pieces of plastic known as "microbeads" are washed into the environment in the UK each year from exfoliating scrubs, research has warned.

The value of the black market industry behind crimes such as ivory smuggling, illegal logging and toxic waste dumping has jumped by 26% since 2014 to between $91bn (£62bn) and $258bn, according to an assessment by the UN and Interpol.

Soft drink firm to invest about Rs 1,375 crore in project.

A Chilean appeals court has ordered the government's Sernapesca fisheries body to disclose the details of antibiotic use by salmon producers operating in the country, court documents showed on Wedn

The document provides an overview of the situation that small-scale fishers in developing countries face in terms of: financial and economic performance of fishery enterprises; vulnerabilities and poverty; adaptations to a changing environment including, climate variability and change; and access to technology, infrastructure, financial services

SHIMLA: The population of the golden mahseer, hunted for sport and food, is declining in rivers of Himachal Pradesh, prompting the fisheries department to begin an artificial propagation programme