This audit report on “Schemes for Flood Control and Flood Forecasting” by the Comptroller And Auditor General of India (CAG), examined whether schemes for flood control and flood forecasting were efficient and effective. It revealed delays in completion of projects under the flood management programmes.

The Supreme Court on Thursday blasted the Centre for not complying with its order to frame rules for preservation of wetlands and warned that it would put the environment secretary behind bars if t

The Akwa Ibom Government says the World Bank has earmarked the sum of N32 billion to tackling flood in the state.

Mombasa requires Sh5 billion to contain the floods that have claimed nine lives since the onset of the rains.

The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre has revealed a new and innovative mechanism which will help at-risk communities predict and prepare for flood risks, and help mobilize resources to support

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Flood Management Projects, 09/03/2017. The Ministry provides technical guidance to State Governments through Central Water Commission (CWC) and Ganga Flood Control Commission (GFCC) in formulation of flood management projects. During XII Plan, a total of 632 projects for Rs.58594.59 crore were received for techno-economic appraisal out of which 305 projects at an estimated cost of Rs.13262.78 crore were cleared by the appraisal agencies.

This study compares the experience of urban planning and development in peri-urban areas affected by flooding in three Vietnamese cities: Hue, Da Nang and Can Tho. In each case, the study examined the causes of specific flood events, and the role that urban planning and development played in contributing to the floods.

The Awash Basin Authority (ABA) plans to build two additional dams which could help prevent water shortage at the region that has over 18 million inhabitants.

New report from environmental think tank Green Alliance calls for urgent rethink of flooding strategy with more focus on natural flood management strategies

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Flood Management Projects, 24/11/2016. Under the Flood Management Programme (FMP), a total of 522 projects have been approved during XI and XII Plan, out of which 297 projects have been completed till date. The State-wise details of projects approved, projects completed and area protected under Flood Management Programme (FMP) so far are given at Annex-1 & 2 respectively.