Question raised in Lok Sabha on Flood Management Programme (FMP), Extension, Renovation and Modernisation (ERM) of canals and Repairing, Restoration and Renovation (RRR) of water bodies, 10/12/2015. The Salient Features of Flood Management Programme (FMP), Extension, Renovation and Modernisation (ERM) of canals and Repairing, Restoration and Renovation (RRR) of water bodies are given. The status of projects received, techno-economically cleared, and included under above programmes and funds released during XII Plan is given in Annex-1, 2, 3 and 4.

The Decision Tree Framework described in this book provides resource-limited project planners and program managers with a cost-effective and effort-efficient, scientifically defensible, repeatable, and clear method for demonstrating the robustness of a project to climate change.

The Cabinet which met here today under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed approved the proposal of the Relief & Rehabilitation Department for availing World Bank assistan

Question raised in Lok Sabha on flood prone districts, 06/08/2015. In 2006, a Committee, headed by Chairman, Ganga Flood Control Commission, Patna had identified a total of 39 districts in the country as flood prone. The details are given at Annex-I. Flood Management being a State subject, the flood control schemes are planned, executed and funded by the State Governments as per their own priority. The Government of India provides support to States in the form of technical advice and financial assistance for management of floods in critical areas.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on clearance for dams, 28/07/2015. The Ministry has received sixteen (16) proposals for construction of multipurpose, irrigations and flood control dams in the country during the last 3 years. Environmental clearance has been accorded to 12 projects. A list of these 12 projects is annexed.

A regional analysis of flood risk was carried out in the mountainous area surrounding the city of Bogotá (Colombia). Vulnerability at regional level was assessed and combined with an existing flood susceptibility indicator, thus providing an index that allows the watersheds to be prioritised. Results show that vulnerability can be expressed in terms of four constituent indicators and a sensitivity analysis shows that the classification of vulnerability is robust.

Mombasa — Saumu Juma 25, a mother of two, was conducting morning prayers in her mud-walled home when her iron-sheet roof started caving in.

CHINA Three Gorges Corporation and Russia's hydropower company RusHydro have signed an agreement to jointly develop a hydropower project in Russia.

The report explains the consultative process applied to identify two sub-basins for detailed integrated flood management planning during Phase 2, and provides background information relating to the two sub-basins. This information is presented in five sections.

VADODARA: In an attempt to get an insight into how Vishwamitri river behaves when water is discharged from Ajwa reservoir, Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) is working towards developing a model