• African Parks will receive $65 million from the Wyss Foundation to bolster conservation efforts in Rwanda, Malawi, and beyond.

The Barcode of Wildlife Project offers invaluable insight on how to integrate technology, science, and law enforcement sectors to fight wildlife crime on a global scale

Genetic analysis of a spiny-throated reed frog hidden in museum collections has revealed it to be a new species. But recent surveys of its heavily deforested habitat have failed to find more.

A study released this month by TRAFFIC, an NGO that monitors the wildlife trade, finds that governance has been so lacking in the forests of Madagascar in recent years that hundreds of thousands of

Conservationists are celebrating the successful reintroduction of an iconic antelope species, the scimitar-horned oryx, to a portion of its historical range on the edge of the Sahara desert after 1

The new gecko was discovered in a reserve in northern Madagascar, a region threatened by deforestation.

NANJIRINJI A, Tanzania – When Jamila Sallimu Chikunda found out she was pregnant with her third child in 2015, her joy quickly turned to anxiety.

A new report released by the Humane Society International finds that trophy hunters are “grossly” overstating the economic benefits of big game hunting in Africa.

The peatlands, which weren’t even known to exist as recently as five years ago, were revealed to cover 145,500 square kilometres (or more than 17,500 square miles), an area larger than England, and

The largest regional precipitation events are likely to become exponentially more frequent due to global warming and the increases in atmospheric moisture content that it will bring, according to n