This time last year, scientists announced the discovery of a reef system at the mouth of the Amazon River — and right from the beginning, they began issuing warnings about companies’ plans to drill

As demand for its product continues to grow, the palm oil industry is now reportedly eyeing Africa as its next big expansion opportunity.

Cameroon currently has more than 250 rescued chimpanzees living in three chimp wildlife sanctuaries.

With people and wildlife co-existing ever more closely, conflict situations often arise. What to do? Shooting animals is a frequent solution. In Nepal, an alternative approach is tried.

Great apes and other wildlife are hunted and eaten as bushmeat across Central Africa, threatening dwindling populations and spreading disease, such as Ebola.

As debate about lifting a ban on coal imports split Egypt’s cabinet, an ultimately unsuccessful anti-coal campaign energized Egypt’s nascent environmental movement.

The Ebo forest boasts gorillas, chimps and forest elephants, plus a local NGO doing wonders to conserve it, but delays in granting national park status are putting it all at risk.

Reptiles being sold openly and illegally in Moroccan markets

Indigenous peoples are using their land rights to help save the climate around the world.

New research into what caused extinctions at the end of the last ice age has revealed the life-altering force of warming temperatures on Earth.