The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has released the draft National Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy. Aquaculture (or aquafarming) refers to the farming of fish, algae and other aquatic organisms, and aquatic plants.

Fisheries Minister Ajay Vishnoi has said that like farmers, fishermen are also being provided loans at three per cent interest rate. The assistance given to fishermen will now be deposited in their bank accounts so that they can purchase fishing nets and boats of their own choice.

The achievements of Madhya Pradesh Fisheries Federation will be valuated by the State Planning Commission. It was decided at the meeting of Board of Directors (BoD) at Mantralaya on Tuesday. The meeting was chaired by the Fisheries Minister Ajay Vishnoi. Principal Secretary Fisheries Ajita Vajpayee was also present.

The Kawai fish carrying heavy metals like lead and cadmium are entering the Chambal River from the polluted areas of the Yamuna River and are posing threat to the gharials of National Chambal Sanctuary areas falling in Madhya Pradesh.

Locals say that the gharials who eat Kawai fish suffer from liver cirrhosis.

The future of the Tawa Matsya Sangh (tms), a cooperative of fisherfolk operating in the Tawa reservoir in Madhya Pradesh's Hoshangabad district, is firmly on hold. On December 23, 2006, their licence

Tawa shows the way in ensuring fishing rights to people

Fishing ban in Tawa reservoir leaves villagers with no work

When bad management and increasing demand for inland fish led to plummeting stocks, fishing villages around the Ashtamudi estuary in Kollam district, Kerala, have come up with their own solution. Fisherfolk, now earmark a certain area of the estuary to al

Villagers around Tawa reservoir in Madhya Pradesh are finally allowed to retain fishing rights