Clocking a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 11.48 per cent in 2004-05 and 2010-11, Karnataka has emerged as the leading coastal State with the highest growth in fish production, accord

MUMBAI: Scientists in a quiet neighbourhood in Versova are testing the waters to see if Mumbai can be turned into a Gold Coast of sorts.

Illegal fishing practices are posing serious threat to fish resources and aquatic biodiversity.

A farmer-scientist meet was the highlight of the second day of the Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Conference 2011 being held here.

Inaugurating the meet on the second day, chief executive officer of National Fisheries Development Board P Krishnaiah called upon the farmers to look for new technologies that are being developed in several relatedinstitutions.

The CEO of the premier fishery developmen

The United Nations, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) recently released, the first global guideline for bycatch management and reduction of fishing discards which covers all types of bycatch including discards, that is, fish that are caught accidently and then thrown back into the sea either dead or dying.

Unmanaged bycatch and discards threaten the long term sustainability of many fishe

Fisheries Minister S.Sarma unveiling the digital system for forecasting potential fishing zones at Mariyanad.

The Fisheries Research and Training Institute Manawan is providing free of cost research facilities to the students of Zoology Departments of various colleges and universities in the province.

Galle Chief Magistrate, Thamara Tennakoon fined Rs. 330,000 on three fishermen who were found guilty of fishing using dynamites. The three fishermen were K. Anil De Zoyza, M. Somaratne and D. Dharmasena. Each of them was fined Rs. 110,000. They were remanded after being arrested on January 14. The explosives and other items in their possession were confiscated. Bernard Withanachchi presented the report on the explosives on behalf of the Department of Explosives. Crime Division of the Southern Province Anti-crime unit prosecuted.

Lagadia means boat fishing. Gill nets are used within 10 km of the shore to catch scad and Indian mackerel. A single trip, worked by two people yields around 8 kg of fish.

Eye for the rare Slender loris, a nocturnal primate with huge eyes, is endemic to Sri Lanka and is one of the rarest and weirdest animals, which will be the focus of an ambitious conservation