Good days may be ahead for the Ugandan fish exporters. A new laboratory in Kampala will enable them to meet contamination testing standards as demanded by the European Union (eu). The eu

Four freighters, one already loaded with 107 containers of cargo for Singapore, have been bottled up in Thailand since small-scale fisherfolk blockaded Songkhla Bay. The fisherfolk are demanding

international authorities have sent "a clear message' to the illegal driftnet fishing industry by seizing two boats in the north Pacific, said Canadian officials. The two were among four

Unless affordable technology is provided to the fisherfolk, the survival of Lake Victoria in Kenya will remain under threat

The enthusiasm among wildlife lovers and conservationists about the 270,000-odd Olive Ridley turtles that arrived at the Gahirmatha beach in Orissa may be short lived ( Down To Earth , Vol 7, No

The US is taking its role as the protector of sea turtles worldwide too seriously, ignoring some important factors

Several fish species in Kerala are threatened by overfishing and the release of effluents in the coastal waters

the Aral Sea, formerly the world's fourth-largest inland sea with an area of 65,000 sq km may not die after all ( Down To Earth, Vol 4, No 12). Kazakh fisherfolk believe that a 16-km-

Fifty five year old thomas kocherry , one of the founders of the National Fishworkers Forum a trade union network of 200,000 traditional fisherpeople has been its chairperson since 1983. Although he has worked for traditional fisherfolk since 197

The dispute is not between Northern and Southem artisanal f1shworkers, but between industrial and artisanal interests