The Philippine government has introduced a new law that requires local government units (lgus) in Manila to reduce their waste disposal by 25 per cent within five years. To achieve this target,

The us navy tests in Vieques, an island of Puerto Rico, have caused an increase of cancer cases on the island by 52 per cent. Medical reports show that cancer cases among the 9,300 Viequenses

"Notices have been sent to parents that April 1, 2001 onwards they would need to arrange for their children getting dropped and picked up from school,' reported Delhi newspapers in January 2001. The

The World Wide

Acute respiratory infections caused by air pollution are the most prevalent diseases in Bangladesh, says the World Bank (WB). "Bangladesh can avoid 15,000 deaths a year if air pollution in Dhaka,

The controversy of magnitude

The second largest contributor to greenhouse gases questions the findings of the IPCC report

Only once has an earthquake been predicted

A decrease in rainfall over the Indian Ocean may give the world the earliest signal of an impeding strong El Ni

Traditional structures still hold ground