काली के किनारे पांच गुना ज्यादा फैला कैंसरकाली के किनारे पांच गुना ज्यादा फैला कैंसर
सासंतोष शुक्ल,मेरठ हाईकोर्ट ने गंगा नदी के कायाकल्प की उम्मीदों को नई ताकत दे दी, किंतु उसका सहाय

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Cancer Cases, 10/03/2017. As per National Cancer Registry Program (NCRP) data, there has been an increase in estimated incidence of cancer cases of all sites including breast and cervical cancer and related deaths in the country. The estimated number of cases and related deaths due to cancer, including breast and cervical cancer, reported during the last three years, State/UT wise is at Annexure I to VI.

Uncontrolled hazardous wastes sites have the potential to adversely impact human health and damage or disrupt ecological systems and the greater environment. Four decades have passed since the Superfund law was enacted, allowing increased exposure time to these potential health hazards while also allowing advancement of analysis techniques. Florida has the sixth highest number of Superfund sites in the US and, in 2016, Florida was projected to have the second largest number of new cancer cases in the US.

Eating plenty of nuts, fruit and fish may cut risk of getting oestrogen-receptor-negative cancer, Dutch research finds.

— Confirming an effect long suspected but never before proven, a study based at St.

The decision is a sign of continuing action to limit global warming despite uncertainty about future U. S. climate policies under President Donald Trump.

Study shows strong evidence of a link between excess body fat and cancers of the colon, breast, pancreas and ovary among others

Anxiety grips Jennifer Nakazi as her phone beeps for the third time since she arrived at a busy bank lobby in downtown New York. She’s going to wire money to her family in Uganda.

With over 8.8 million cancer deaths recorded globally yearly out of which an estimated 80,000 are Nigerians, the World Health Organisation, WHO, has called on specialists to pay special attention t

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced arrangements for a comprehensive national survey to determine volume of cancer cases and deaths in