The potential cost of pesticide-related illnesses in sub-Saharan African between 2005 and 2020 could reach $90bn (£56bn), according to a UN report released on Wednesday highlighting the growing hea

Paving the way for a targeted treatment for leukaemia and other blood cancers, scientists have found a gene called JunB that controls the rapid production and differentiation of the stem cells that produce all blood cell types.

The investigators have also uncovered evidence that could lead to a protocol for bone marrow transplants that could boost the chance of a cure in some patients.

Studies have shown that people exposed to uranium may develop lung cancer, leukaemia, chromosomal aberrations, fibrosis of the lungs and non-malignant respiratory diseases. After entering the

Cells that cause leukaemia

Viability of gene therapy doubted with the discovery that it has led to leukaemia

A chemotherapy drug with few

Poisonous fumes from construction and decorating materials can cause leukaemia and other illnesses, claim authorities of China's Beijing Children's Hospital. Statistics complied by the hospital

In people suffering a common form of leukaemia, certain chromosome abnormalities in cancer cells could help predict how quickly the disease will progress. This is the result of a study conducted in

Researchers say electricity does not cause leukaemia

Cancer in children has increased following radioactive leakage from a plant in France