MIAMI – Being overweight can raise the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancers of the stomach and digestive tract, as well as certain brain and reproductive tumors, international researchers sai

With a surge in the brain related ailments in the world, every year over 2,500 of the Indian children suffer from medulloblastoma, a pediatric malignant primary brain tumour which spreads through t

(HealthDay)—An experimental viral treatment may extend the lives of patients with a hard-to-treat brain cancer, researchers say.

Recent study claims that consistent cellphone use may harm its users, most especially men, and it may lead to serious cases like getting cancer.

Senior doctors said despite advancements in technology, dealing with brain surgeries requires much expertise.

Singapore researchers said on Monday they had made a key finding which could improve brain cancer treatment.

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam today said an alarming number of brain cancer cases in the Valley are due to the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides in orchards.

A team of researchers is set to conduct a study to determine if several potentially toxic compounds that exist in polluted air are capable of entering the brain from the bloodstream and causing bra

Precautionary guidelines for mobile users - Mobile users are advised to take precautionary measures while using a mobile

More than 250 British women with silicone breast implants, manufactured by a French company, are to take legal action after eight women in France with similar implants were found to have cancer spa