Hyderabad: Locals at Shamirpet, a tourist spot about 25 km from the city, woke up to hundreds of dead fish floating in the lake.

In India, 60 cities produce 15,342 tonnes of plastic waste per day of which more than 6,000 tonnes remain uncollected.

Apart from bulk generators, even households too can compost the waste, as all it takes is a container.

Hourly Ambient Air quality data is being used to calculate air quality index (AQI) by Pollution Control board through its website.

Solar power usage helps people escape higher slabs.

The increase in solar power production has led to a fall in the cost of power in the open market.

The collector set a target of June 2 to complete construction of all these toilets and declared Mahbubabad an ODF.

The Andhra Pradesh government, refuting this allegation, said that undivided Andhra Pradesh consisted of all regions, including Telangana.

The availability of power at cheaper rates in the market has led to the TS not giving the nod for renewing the PPA with Lanco.

Activists concerned by forest land to Navy, threat to Husainsagar and Osmansagar.