The bench inquired about the incident in Guntur where a two-year-old boy fell into a borewell on August 15.

The installed wind power capacity is over 32.5 GW.

The symptoms of numerous patients living near industrial areas in Jeedimetla, Sanathnagar Miyapur and Nizampet run along similar lines.

Pollution from factories is pumping aerosols into the air.

Experts said that these organisms with their long tails might be raking up the froth in the water.

The Centre was giving 30 per cent subsidy to solar pumping systems irrespective of horsepower.

Mr Singh flagged off the tour at Durga Ghat near Prakasam Barrage on Wednesday morning.

Neurologists say that airborne lead particles are particularly harmful. Lead is used by and released by oil refineries.

The chances of brain stroke are higher.

Private hospitals on the city outskirts in Ranga Reddy district are also seeing more cases of malaria.