HYDERABAD: When the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) mooted the idea of waste segregation, it also decided to hire Community Resource Persons (CRPs) to spread awareness on the issue.

City was placed at 11th in 2017, with 90 per cent of the days being ‘moderate or satisfactory’ while 10 per cent of the days being ‘poor’.

Simply destroying mosquito eggs has proven not to be effective in the control of the menace.

HYDERABAD: The Environment Protection and Training Research Institute (EPTRI) took on the CSIR Scientists Service Forum accusing it of being `antidevelopment' in its stance on the Hyderabad Pharma

We describe the diversified National Ambient Noise Monitoring Network (NANMN) set up across 7 major cities of India and covering 70 stations for continuous noise monitoring throughout the year. The annual average Lday (06–22 h) and Lnight (22–06 h) values observed in 2015 for these 70 locations are described. Of these, 25 locations are in commercial zones, 12 in industrial, 16 in residential and 17 in silence zones. Each city has 10 noise monitoring stations installed for analysing environmental noise pollution levels round the clock (24  365 h).

Most vehicles in the city clear the pollution test with flying colours.

Data from TS is worrying; and each pollution source needs to be plugged.

HYDERABAD: Hayatnagar today is a congested suburb of Hyderabad, notorious for chaotic traffic, high vehicular and dust pollution, poor water quality, and badly maintained roads.

HYDERABAD: The GHMC may have declared all of its 150 wards to be open defecation free(ODF) on Independence Day this year, there are still people in certain pockets and several slums in the city who

HYDERABAD: It may be a sheer coincidence.