To reduce power consumption charges to be paid to power utilities, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to install rooftop solar-powered plants to be connected to grids in

Hyderabad: After residents complained against Playboy Beer Garden for excessive noise, the GHMC has received similar complaints against Autumn Leaf, a restaurant behind Peddamma temple at Jubilee H

As part of its efforts to make Hyderabad a city with ‘zero industrial pollution’, the state government has identified 19 prime locations outside the Outer Ring Road (ORR) for moving polluting indus

Hyderabad: The manufacture and sale of plastic carry bags below 40 microns was banned by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation a few months ago, citing environmental conditions.

State government’s chief adviser and chairman of the State Pollution Control Board Rajiv Sharma has asked officials to take immediate steps to improve the quality of air in areas where pollution le

Hyderabad: As many as 1,160 polluting industries will be shifted out of Hyderabad city.

Promoters seek clarity over fate of their land in city, may get realty permit.

Hyderabad: Municipal commissioners will be given magisterial powers to penalise those throwing garbage, plastic and construction waste on the roads, illegally installing posters, banners or flexis,

In spite of being an important cog in the transit system, the poorly maintained, smog-spewing share autos seen ferrying multiple passengers in the Cyberabad region are one of the biggest sources of

A study conducted among 10 Indian metro cities investigates the impact of municipal solid waste and animal birth control programme on stray dog population and its menaces. Its results show statistically strong and positive linkages among the variables such as human population, municipal solid waste, per capita solid waste, food waste, dog population and dogs per capita. People's general awareness and the efforts of municipalities are inadequate to control the dog menace.