HYDERABAD: Stating that they have to equip themselves with black belts if they were to protect green belts from further destruction, a two-judge bench of the Hyderabad high court on Thursday gave 2

500 cases of infection reported this year as against 5,300 last year

FSSAI urges restaurants to voluntarily display calories.

This is the first time government testing centres are being set up.

HYDERABAD: Forget the core city of Hyderabad; even peripheral or peri-urban areas are now under the threat of poisonous black carbon particulate matter.

HYDERABAD: The Telangana government has failed to implement National Green Tribunal (NGT) order to undertake a scientific study on effects of pollution on residents in and around Hyderabad pharma c

Earlier, the city was listed on the top 10 of most air-polluted metropolitan cities.

HYDERABAD: Reverberating the United Nation's awakening call to ditch plastic, Telangana, along with rest of India, on Tuesday marked World Environment Day with 'beat the plastic pollution' as its t

Residents of the township have already set up 168 tanks.

Hyderabad: In a unique initiative, the Hyderabad Traffic Police is sending out text messages asking motorists not to sound the horn unnecessarily.