The NGT directed that joint report from the land and revenue department should be submitted within one month.

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June each year to raise awareness and improve actions towards protecting the environment.

The latest pulse check for the economy is due on May 31, when the government will release gross domestic product data for the quarter ended March.

The department is supplying drinking water for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evenings.

How an age old misconception about the Chambal saved it from pollution.

The state’s health department said that there had been a spurt in H1N1 cases due to climatic changes.

Nandakumar Pawar, head of SEAP, said, “This is direct violation of the Bombay high court’s orders to protect mangroves and wetlands.

Researchers think that shift from coal to gas may stabilise climate change.

India is also a very price sensitive market where the lowest tariff matters more than any other criteria.

They have alleged destruction of eco-sensitive wetlands and mangroves in Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone (NMSEZ) in Uran, Navi Mumbai.