Pachyderms employed by the Uttar Pradesh government can now avail of maternity benefits. The state forest department has the for first time sanctioned maternity leave to an elephant, Champa Kali, who

French researchers have isolated a new strain of the AIDS virus in West Africa that appears to have close genetic links to a version that infects non-human primates such as chimpanzees. It's a

Trouble ahead: Over thousands of miles, big patches of Alaska's forests are drowning and turning grey as the ground sinks under them and swamp water floods

A sub-committee of the Gangotri Conservation Project has been constituted to check recession of the gangotri glacier. With GCP director, General Sushil Kumar as the chairman, the sub-committee will

The risk of a return of severe smog to Southeast Asia has faded, Singapore said on Saturday. "While hot spots will continue to be detected from time to time, the risk of recurrence of a severe or

US farmers are a hardy lot but many are beginning to succumb to despair, cursing a catastrophic drought and the Asian economic crisis that are costing them billions of dollars. The scorching heat

India's agriculture scientists are hunting for the "Terminator", a gene developed by US biotechnologists which they say threatens the livelihood of 400 million farmers and food security in this

Efforts to save tigers in the wild in Nepal are under a cloud with the disappearance of a tigress and the death of at least two cubs in a national park covered by a Norwegian-funded research project.