Many conservationists are becoming increasingly alarmed about a spate of controversial proposals by Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa they feel could jeopardise attempts to conserve the Bi

Almost half of the Unesco world heritage sites designated for their importance to nature are threatened by the illegal wildlife trade, a WWF report has said.

Pretoria — Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa says the department will study the Constitutional Court order that dismissed the leave to appeal the application to keep a ban on the domestic

South Africa's top court has dismissed an appeal by the department of environmental affairs to keep a moratorium on the domestic trade in rhino horn, according to court documents seen by Reuters on

CONTROVERSY surrounding the disappearance of a rhinoceros, christened John, was put to rest yesterday after a probe team formed by the state last December revealed that the animal died at a private

• Twenty-one rhino horns worth an estimated $5m have been seized in Thailand after being found in luggage sent from Ethiopia in the biggest such haul in years.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Conservation of Endangered Species, 14/03/2017. Census of major flagship species is undertaken at the State-level by the respective State/Union Territory Governments periodically. However census of tiger and elephant is undertaken at the national level once every four and five years respectively. State-wise estimated population of tigers, elephants, rhino and lions, as per the latest census available with the Ministry, is given in the Annexure IA, IB and IC.

TOMORROW is the United Nations world wildlife day and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has dedicated it to the protection of rhinos and elephants whose survival is threatened by poachers.

Pretoria — The number of poachers and traffickers arrested for rhino-related poaching offences in South Africa has doubled.

The number of rhinoceroses killed by poachers in South Africa last year fell 10 percent as arrests for illegal hunting of the animals more than doubled to a record.