Residents of Maikona in Marsabit county are counting losses after 37 camels died after drinking contaminated water.

The Camel Breeders Association in Kutch has taken to the internet to wage a battle to save several acres of mangrove.

Githurai — A herd of camels have become a low-carbon food waste recycling system in a Nairobi market - and they produce milk

CHENNAI: Camels transported all the way from Rajasthan and Gujarat to be slaughtered in Tamil Nadu ahead of Bakrid and Muharram, may have something to cheer about, after all.

AJMER: The Pushkar region these days is in the grip of Pasteurella bacteria that has killed about eight camels, stirring panic in the animal husbandry department with the international cattle fair

The Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) is a large, even-toed ungulate native to the steppes of Central Asia. They are mainly found in cold deserts of China, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan1 . A small population of C. bactrianus also exists in India, distributed largely in the Nubra valley of Ladakh region (a cold arid desert in Trans-Himalayas), Jammu and Kashmir.

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Many people now know that it was camels which caused the alarming spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) seen last year, but did you know that it was also suspected that those same beast

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet in Pakistan, decided to lift the over two decades long ban on forest harvesting besides managing forests along scientific lines in line with a working plan made by the government. Read more in November 2014 edition of the Monthly Overview on State of Environment, Pakistan

We describe the isolation and sequencing of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) obtained from a dromedary camel and from a patient who died of laboratory-confirmed MERS-CoV infection after close contact with camels that had rhinorrhea. Nasal swabs collected from the patient and from one of his nine camels were positive for MERS-CoV RNA. In addition, MERS-CoV was isolated from the patient and the camel. The full genome sequences of the two isolates were identical.

A mysterious disease has killed over 200 camels in Baracha area here, owner of the camels said on Sunday.