The Donkey Sanctuary’s latest report on the skin trade reveals that at least 5.9 million donkeys are now slaughtered every year to meet escalating demand for ejiao, a traditional Chinese remedy, made using their skins. The figure represents The Donkey Sanctuary’s most conservative estimate and is projected to reach 6.7 million by 2027.

Although it is scientifically unproven, many consume donkey meat thinking it cures ailments.

NAIROBI, Kenya — “This is the spot,” said Morris Njeru, gazing down at a tangled patch of farmland where he recently found the bloody corpses of David, Mukurino and Scratch — his last donkeys.

China is reducing the import tax on donkey skins for use in traditional medicine despite fears over a global reduction in the animal's population.

Twice a month, Julius Yebei, 45, embarks on a three-day journey by foot with a herd of donkeys from a livestock market in Bomet County to Goldox, a donkey slaughterhouse located in the semi-arid Ke

JOHANNESBURG - The Botswana government announced on Tuesday that they have suspended export licenses for donkeys and donkey products such as meat and hides.

Mpho Mashele’s eight donkeys are her most precious possessions, and her family’s lifeline.

ARUSHA, Tanzania (Xinhua) -- Tanzania is set to ban slaughtering of donkey effective from July in an effort to restore the number of the domesticated animals that are threatened by the high demand

When the impoverished West African nation of Niger imposed a ban on donkey exports last year, a small community of traders just over the border in Nigeria was devastated.

Once sighted in the thousands, the Blue-tailed bee-eater is a sparsely spotted bird these days.