A federal appeals court has found that the Obama administration did not follow proper procedures in 2014 when it banned importing elephant trophies from Zimbabwe.

NAIROBI, Kenya — “This is the spot,” said Morris Njeru, gazing down at a tangled patch of farmland where he recently found the bloody corpses of David, Mukurino and Scratch — his last donkeys.

China is reducing the import tax on donkey skins for use in traditional medicine despite fears over a global reduction in the animal's population.

This manual on Animal Husbandry Statistics is one of series of manuals on statistical indicators proposed to be brought out by the CSO.

The segregation, collection and disposal of saline wastewater streams into solar evaporation are practiced in tanneries to minimize the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)and Chlorides in the treated effluent and to protect the environment. The wastewater

Is the West a victim of its own past?

people for Ethical Treatment of Animals (peta), a us -based non-governmental organisation (ngo), has intensified its campaign against the Indian leather industry. It organised a press

the World's largest animal rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (peta), has warned that it would launch "a poten

Wildlife experts studying Thailand's tigers have reported that fewer than 150 tigers are left in the Khai Yai National Park and poachers are fast targeting the surviving ones. The poachers, mostly

in accordance with the central government's policy on wildlife protection the Jammu and Kashmir government has banned the shahtoosh shawl trade. The trade is posing a threat to the existence of the