This report examines the climate change debates in seven key countries in the Asia-Pacific region—Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan South Korea, and the United States.

When did you last hear of an Indian cabinet minister being compared to Muhammad Ali? Well, that

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It was Australia's second climate change election. Climate change deposed the former leaders of both main parties: Kevin Rudd (Labor) because his position was too weak, Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal) because his was too strong. When Julia Gillard, the new Labor leader, also flunked the issue, many of her supporters defected to the Greens.

Beijing, March 14: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Sunday disclosed he was snubbed at the Copenhagen climate change conference in December 2009 as he was not notified of a key meeting of a group of countries on the eve of the summit of leaders.

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New Delhi: Rumours of his unhappiness and impending departure had been swirling around the Capital even before last December


Differences with minister of state for envi- ronment Jairam Ramesh has led the Prime Minister's special envoy on climate change, Mr Shyam Saran, to put in his papers. He has been allowed to leave the Prime Minister's Office with effect from March 14.

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Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden lectured the US and other industrial nations on climate change, and urged a dollar boycott in response to American "slavery," in a fresh verbal assault broadcast on Friday.

Eminent economist Jagdish Bhagwati today said India had made a mistake in aligning with China at the recent climate conference in Copenhagen. Instead, the country should have taken a leadership role in climate talks by coming forth with fresh ideas.