The control of Naxalites over forests is total and overwhelming

Left helpless, the affected states have started demanding amendments to the fca. About a year ago, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh wrote to the prime minster requesting changes

The status of cancer data in India is as scary as the killer itself. The most recent data on cancer by the Indian Council of Medical Research is 13 years old. With little data on hand, battling cancer has become doubly difficult

The data is rudimentary. The analysis is poor. And is kept secret

The death of India s cancer control programme and the rise of cancers

Ram Naik passes a death sentence for Dahanu s fragile ecology

The management of about 423 plantations covering an area of 809 hectares have been handed over to district governments in Pakistan. The governments would be responsible for the management and

Do Arundhati Roy and M L Khurana understand what they are doing by undermining yet another institution of our democracy?

A long awaited breakthrough has been made with a decision to establish the first secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty System in Argentina, 40 years after the treaty came into force. A blocking veto

The president of the world s most polluting country blames India for global warming