A mysterious chronic kidney disease is afflicting a large number of people in India and Sri Lanka. Despite decades of studies, scientists are yet to pinpoint the cause of the disease. Vibha Varshney travels to Sri Lanka and analyses the state of research, while Richard Mahapatra and M Suchitra report from the hotspots of the disease in India.

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Weight loss is no more a simple calculation of calories consumed and burnt. Studies show exposure to certain toxins in the environment can make it difficult for one to shed extra pounds. What are these toxins? How do they affect body?

The strong and mighty bacteria are all around us. They have hardened themselves to fight back the antibiotics administered to patients. This is because we allowed them to, by overusing drugs. Government has woken up from slumber and formulated a policy that targets antibiotic resistance. It restricts sale. But will it be able to contain irrational use of drugs?

It was once associated with the rich and urban. Today, hypertension is fast spreading in rural India. This is a cause for concern because hypertension, if not checked, can lead to heart and kidney diseases. Healthcare facilities are already poor in villages, where nearly three-fourths of Indians live.

Studies prove greenhouse gases cause frequent intense rainfall. TWO recent studies have clinched enough empirical data to repudiate any climate change sceptic. For the first time, the studies have pinned down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for frequent extreme weather events like rainfall and floods. For full text: http://www.downtoearth.org.in/content/warming-behind-floods

Two nanomaterials make polymers 400 times better it takes a research team from Bengaluru 10 days to prepare a batch of the compound it hopes would revolutionize the world. The compound consists of polyvinyl alcohol, a polymer, mixed with two carbon nanomaterials. There is a tremendous increase in the stiffness and hardness of the polymer

India is reeling from a debilitating shortage of vaccines, which has severely affected the universal immunization programme reveals the latest report in Down To Earth (DTE). Is based on response to an RTI application filed by DTE that revealed how a plan to promote private vaccine makers boomeranged.

Down To Earth filed an RTI application to find out the reason of vaccine shortage in India. The response revealed how a plan to promote private vaccine makers boomeranged. The health ministry was forced to get vaccines illegally from the very public sector manufacturers it suspended last year Shuvam Kumar lay on an iron cot in the tetanus ward of the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital


They were made of glass that did not crack, researchers have recreated it cinderella danced for hours at the prince