thanks to ayurveda, Subhash Jacob is free from migraine now. The headache was with him for over 30 years. Repeated attempts at seeking cure from different schools of medicines were ineffective and

Book>>Trees of Delhi A Field Guide by Pradip Krishen Penguin Books India>> Dorling Kindersley 2006 Concrete jungle is a phrase often used to describe a lot of urban areas. Delhi is no

there have been umpteen theories on why South Asians are more at risk of developing vascular diseases. Now a team of Indian, Canadian, Scottish and Iranian researchers have come up with a new

Everyday as the evening settles, a 2-km stretch in Govindpuri comes alive. Food vendors line streets of this resettlement colony in the outskirts of posh South Delhi, trying to attract workers

It's quite well-known that indigenous communities share an intricate relationship with their environments. Their understanding of plants, also called ethnobotanical knowledge, is crucial to the

a malaria vaccine tried out in Mali in 2003 was not suited to protect people from the pathogen prevalent in the area, according to a joint study by researchers in Mali and the us. The researchers

phthalates are known endocrine disruptors. But for the first time, a study has shown that these compounds, commonly found in lubricants, pesticides, paints and cosmetics, can lead to abdominal

Anaemia is a widespread condition in India. The biggest cause is malnourishment and iron-poor diets. Though the best remedy is a good diet, anaemia has spawned a huge market for iron supplements,

That health care facilities available to the poor are insufficient is common knowledge. According to a recent report of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (assocham), 1,083

partnership for Clean Indoor Air (pcia) is inviting partners in India to help implement measures to reduce indoor air pollution. This will help almost 90 per cent of India's biomass-based fuel