Alliance with UNICEF in question even though the Ministry of Women and Child Development is yet to take a decision on the conflict of interest between public-private partnerships and government policies, the ministry has launched a five-year programme on child welfare in collaboration with unicef in seven states. unicef, which often implements child nutrition programmes in India,

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That reduces malaria incidence many studies have shown that building a dam increases incidence of malaria in that area. For instance, after the construction of the Bargi dam on Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh, malaria cases in children increased 2.4 times and the annual parasite incidence increased four times in surrounding villages, compared with that ones far off. Stagnant water, needed

A small microscope that can study various samples at one go since its invention in the 16th century, the microscope has been improved many times. With better magnification, the size too increased and its use got limited to labs. But now, this basic tool has been designed about the size of a fingertip. Instead of using lenses, the new microscope uses computer chips. Developed by the

Local initiative benefits several hiv positive individuals in Bangkok Pa, a 45-year-old woman from Bang Khen district in Bangkok, works with a massage parlour in Cabbages and Condoms, an upmarket restaurant in Bangkok. Pa is hiv positive. This drastically limits her livelihood options, made worse because banks don

On May 22 a Delhi High Court hearing brought to the fore the rift between two Union ministries. The object of discord was a law dating back to days of high Victorian puritanism: section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. It criminalizes sexual acts

        SHYAMAL   The fast food industry around the world is bending backwards trying to prove that they are ensuring health to consumers. So I was little surprised when I contacted McDonald

india's Universal Immunisation Programme may suffer yet another blow. The centre has asked all state governments to stop use of measles vaccine manufactured by Indian Immunological Limited, until

groundwater in Ankleshwar Industrial Estate in Bharuch district in Gujarat is highly contaminated. The contamination is a result of more than 3,000 industrial units in the estate: around 270 million

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