AHMEDABAD: With temperatures not ceasing to go down, cases of vector-borne infections, especially those of dengue and chikungunya have increased in the city in the past month and a half.

Aim is to create greater awareness, says Health Secretary

NEW DELHI: In the past one week, 680 cases of dengue were reported in the capital taking the total to 4,545, the report released by the three municipal corporations stated on Monday.

The number of dengue cases reported till September 23 was 3,109. Of the total 3,865 dengue cases, 1,807 affected people were residents of Delhi, while the rest were from other states.

NEW DELHI: In just seven days, Delhi has reported 342 fresh cases of dengue, taking the total to 1,807, the latest reports by anti-malaria headquarters of the civic bodies stated.

Dengue, chikungunya, malaria, the flu – there are all sorts of possibilities. However, the good news is that they are very much preventable.

According to the latest data by the MCD, 288 fresh cases of dengue were reported last week, till September 23.

At least 894 fresh cases of dengue had been reported in the city over the last week, taking the number of the people affected by the vector-borne disease this season to 3,109, according to a munici

Ludhiana: With 5 new positive cases of chikungunya reported on Friday evening by the health department, the number has reached 7 from the Ludhiana district.

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