Um Jar — Hundreds of people in the area of Um Jar in White Nile State are reportedly suffering from 'watery diarrhoea'.

El Gedaref — Another cholera patient died in El Gedaref on Saturday. 42 new cases were recorded in various parts of the eastern Sudanese state.

Ahmedabad: Cases of waterborne diseases appear to be on the rise in Ahmedabad.

The researchers studied over 200 cases in different parts of India of which 20 cases where studied in Hyderabad.

Consumed ‘contaminated’ drink during festival; 76 more undergoing treatment

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Water-Borne Diseases, 06/04/2017.

Six new cases of cholera have been reported in Sudan's El Gedaref state over the last two days. This adds to dozens of cases reported in the eastern Sudanese state last week.

Over 400 people, including children, have died from drought and a cholera outbreak since February in southern and central Somalia, the country's health ministry has told Anadolu Agency.

Cholera has claimed at least 64 lives in Jonglei, leaving over 128 people in the health care facilities in the county of Duk.

Cholera is spreading in Somalia, further complicating drought relief efforts as the country teeters on famine.