South Sudan has gone 15 months without a single reported case of Guinea worm disease, the nation's health minister said on Wednesday, suggesting a major victory for global health officials trying t

A third-stage (infective) larva of Dracunculus medinensis, the causative agent of Guinea worm disease, was recovered from a wild-caught Phrynobatrachus francisci frog in Chad. Although green frogs (Lithobates clamitans) have been experimentally infected with D. medinensis worms, our findings prove that frogs can serve as natural paratenic hosts.

The government of African country Mali has stepped up efforts to eradicate guinea worm (Dracunculus medinensis) from the country. It appears that Niagassadiou, a village in the Mopti region of south

• The Goldman Environmental Foundation, US, recently awarded the annual environmental prize for Asia, worth US $75,000 to M C Mehta, a Supreme Court lawyer who has won about 40 landmark

The dreaded guinea worm disease will be eradicated in India by 1995, claims UNICEF. UNICEF country representative for India Jon Eliot Rhode told newspersons the number of guinea worm cases have

No guinea worm cases have been reported after 1996