It started around 6 p.m. one evening, shortly after supper. Regina Lotem had been warned about it for weeks and even though she tried to prevent it, she knew it might happen.

Africa’s humanitarian crises have continued to worsen in 2017, said a report released by the United Nations on Wednesday ahead of the World Humanitarian Day.

Nyala / El Mahas — Cholera continues to spread in South Darfur and Northern State.

Halfa / Dalgo — Cholera has extended to the north of Sudan and reached Abri in Halfa locality, where four cases were reported on Monday.

More than three years of fighting have slashed South Sudan’s oil output and left half its people facing severe food shortages.

The Chinese government has donated up to $ 1.8 million to South Sudan’s ministry of health to fight cholera and malaria in the country.

Eastern Sudan / El Gezira — Six people died of cholera in Halfa El Jadeeda in Kassala state last week. Four new cases were recorded.

Kabkabiya / El Tadamon / Sennar — The number of new cholera infections continues to rise in Darfur, while the disease is seeing resurgence in eastern Sudan, where it showed signs of decrease over t

- An infestation of fall armyworm, a crop-eating caterpillar that has ravaged fields across Africa, will deepen hunger in famine-threatened South Sudan, a U.N. official said on Wednesday.

Port Sudan — Port Sudan, the capital of eastern Sudan's Red Sea state, witnessed major security measures on Friday to stop protesters from reaching the residence of the state governor.