This briefing note prepared by the Initiative for Climate Action and Development (ICAD) explores the status of Malawi’s NAP process, places human mobility in the context of climate change in Malawi, and uses a gender-responsive approach to identify entry points and opportunities for integrating human mobility—including migration and displacement

Watersheds play a crucial role in sustaining the ecosystem, biodiversity, wildlife, agriculture, and human population by serving as the natural resource base for all forms of life. These natural boundaries of river catchments form a mosaic covering the entire land surface of the earth.

The government of Malawi, under its recent national development strategy and vision (Malawi 2063), plans to transform the country into an upper-middle-income country by 2063. Achieving this goal will require strengthening efforts to foster high and sustained economic growth.

This study was undertaken to support and empower Southern African leaders, activists, civil society organizations (CSOs) and policymakers, in the lead up to COP 27 and beyond, in the debate on the losses and damages caused by climate impacts.

The Malawi Economic Monitor (MEM) provides an analysis of economic and structural development issues in Malawi. This 17th edition was published in July 2023 and is part of an ongoing series published twice each year.

This report summarizes the evidence-based and costed country roadmaps for effective public interventions to transform agriculture and food systems in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nigeria in a way that ends hunger, makes diets healthier and more affordable, improves the productivity and incomes of small-scale producers and their households, and mitigate

The combined effects of adverse weather, acute foreign exchange shortages, disruptions to electricity, and the high rate of inflation, mean Malawi continues to face an economic slowdown, according to the latest World Bank’s Malawi Economic Monitor (MEM).

This policy brief aims to provide a review of the current progress on implementing the Malawi national action plan on AMR, identifies critical gaps, and highlights findings to accelerate further progress in the human health sector.

This Country Climate and Development Report aims to support Malawi’s efforts to achieve its development goals within a changing climate by quantifying the impacts of climate change on the economy and highlighting key policies and interventions that are needed to strengthen climate resilience.

Tropical Storm Ana in late January 2022 brought winds, heavy rains, damage and destruction to parts of Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Ana was followed by Tropical Cyclone Batsirai hitting the South coast of Madagascar on February the 5th 2022.