Just when scientists were busy tracking bird and butterfly migration in the state, new winged visitors have begun to swarm the skies of Coimbatore — dragonflies.

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Eastern Zone Bench, Kolkata) in the matter of Wildlife Society of Orissa (Elephant Corridors) Vs State of Odisha & Others dated 12/10/2017 regarding elephant corridors in the state of Odisha. Deepak Kumar Pani, Additional Standing counsel submits that Asian Nature Conservation Foundation (ANCF) has completed its task pertaining to the elephant corridor and the report preparation will take some time, particularly on the ecologically feasible corridor.

Evidence shows that growing climatic variability has severe impacts on water availability and quality, which in turn jeopardizes social stability and jobs for the younger generations.

The pontiff quoted a phrase from the Old Testament that said 'man is stupid, a stubborn and a blind man'

This paper examines the relationship between spatial and economic mobility in Uganda using longitudinal data from 2005 through 2012.

Smallholder farmers in coastal Kenya are already significantly affected by climate change, particularly in semi-arid and dryland areas. They have developed a number of innovations to enhance resilience and productivity, eg. crop diversification using resilient local varieties, new planting techniques and wild tree domestication.

Food Security and Emigration: Why people flee and the impact on family members left behind in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras shows the need to invest in long-term programmes to discourage people in the Dry Corridor from emigrating, and to reduce the risks for emigrants and the impact on the families left behind.

Soaring temperatures driven by climate change are whipping up ever-more intense storms inundating cities with flash floods but leaving the countryside and crucial agricultural land parched, an Aust

While Trump’s pullout from the Paris climate accord will be one of the running themes, Merkel told the Bundestag last week that there are “no such compromises likely in Hamburg”, perhaps a referenc

More than 7 million children in West and Central Africa are on the move because of violence, poverty and climate change, accounting for over half of all migrants in the region, the United Nations c