This brief argues that the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic provides renewed urgency for African countries to invest in the inadequate physical infrastructure for basic services such as healthcare, clean water, and sanitation.

This brief provides an overview of the main features and innovation trends of smart grid technologies (with patent data for 1919–2014), investigates the extent to which smart grids will impact our traditional energy delivery model, and suggests policy recommendations for Africa to leapfrog to highly efficient and future-proof energy infrastructu

The goal of this project is to explore and understand the potential for “Green Investment Banks” and National Climate Change Funds (NCCFs) to increase the capacity of African countries to access and mobilize climate finance in support of implementing NDCs and related national climate and development goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the most significant public health episode to have affected human beings, societies and minds throughout the world and Africa.

The African Economic Outlook is the African Development Bank’s flagship annual publication. It provides economic data as well as analysis and recommendations for the continent’s economies. Each edition focuses on a contemporary theme.

This note on water security presents a synopsis of the water security situation for the Greater Horn of Africa (GHoA). It complements the Country Water Sector Profiles (CWSP) of seven nations of the GHoA, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.

The Yearbook series is a result of joint efforts by major African regional organizations to set up a joint data collection mechanism of socioeconomic data on African countries as well as the development of a common harmonized database.

This paper proposes a model that sheds light on foreign direct investments in farmland. Countries can obtain food from other countries through international trade as well as by means of foreign land acquisition to offshore production.

The first joint report on the Multilateral Development Banks contributions to the SDGs​. The start of a “Decade of Action” to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has coincided with the COVID‑19 pandemic, raising deep questions about prospects for achieving this ambitious agenda.

Despite increasing popularity of farmer-led irrigation in Ethiopia, little is known about socio-economics of farmers who receive public support in accelerating its expansion. Investigate this question by combining spatial land suitability for groundwater-and solar irrigation with pre-existing socio-economic data.